There’s a moment where time seems to stand still when I log into Word Press and there’s a rectangular button at the top of the page that simply says “write”. Its a promise of unlimited possibilities wrapped up in one small word. We’ve all got something we wish we were good at. Something hidden deep below the surface of our armor that we put on daily. Struggling talent without a guide is a like an idea that never really takes off. To a large extent I appreciate a well crafted story. Something saturated with unlimited cleverness and bold renditions of redemption. Its something that I never appreciated in high school and altogether its something I wish I could’ve found and appreciated in high school. Being an admirer of certain types of art it seems to me if you can express yourself with words in a creative way that you have achieved something without bound. Its an endless skill. Its a hidden passion and for the few people that actually read this fledgling blog…its not so hidden anymore.

Recently I turned down a part time position with a different business where I may or may not have had to use my martial arts training. Everything was going well when suddenly I had some issues with the working environment and in all but a flash, I opted out. I wont get into it here, but I will say I feel pretty good about my decision and its caused me to rededicate myself to my first love(in terms of working). Martial Arts. Its crazy but its the only thing I’ve ever been truly good at. As a comparison in what ever I have tried, this is it for me and over the years my need to do this has changed many times. Bullying was the initial reason I started and its still one of the main reasons to this very day. Its crazy but I’m thankful for all the insecure boys that used to pick on me. All of them! From 2nd grade until my sophomore year of high school. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am now. When I began to mature in the arts I enjoyed the artistic nature of self-defense. Then came the big one. Teaching. If you want to see someone convey true Shaolin Kempo combining words and movement like some sort of martial ballet then you need to see my instructor, Master Richert. After watching her teach one class and doing it so well…I never looked back. She’s a true artist!

So here it is. Teaching. Passion. 25 years of it. Its boggling to think of all the experiences I’ve had doing this. 90% of them are definitely great experiences and the rest were great teaching lessons. Teaching martial arts has made me infinitely better than I would have been otherwise. A better person. Better martial artist. When I teach I’ve always said that  I try to honor what Master Richert instilled in me for years. There’s a lot of “me” in what I’m teaching and in some ways this mentality may cost me. There’s a lot of life experience in when I teach, how I teach, and what I teach. I walk a line between letting students make self discoveries and illuminating a path to self betterment. I pour as much as I possibly can into each and every students learning. I want them to get it. I want them to care. I want them to be better than I am. Not every adult or child will be a great martial artist and that’s ok. Not everyone is meant to be. But they can be great in their own right. When you train under me there is no guarantee to become Bruce or Chuck but if you adopt an idea self examination and become self aware, you just might become something else. Training ethic will carry over into other areas of life. You might take karate for a season of maybe a few years and as much as I would like you to stick around, you have to find those other pieces of the your life puzzle that work for you. There are so many mysteries of the evolving version of yourself and deep down the catalyst for finding that just might be an idea that I’ve shown you. Even if you train under me for years, its all just a moment in time because we aren’t here very long at all. Later on you might trade the progression of belts for asserting yourself at a new company. Or the perseverance and discipline you attain might be used for breakthroughs in your chosen field. The communication attributes you obtain from your training might be used to resolve a conflict with your spouse or iron out some long standing issues with a parent. Its all for the betterment for you and it doesn’t always have to be about a physical confrontation.

So, here we are. The invisible impact of passion. My passion is creating a safe environment for the youth to learn something about themselves and become better versions of themselves. I’m not teaching the WAY…you’ll need Jesus for that. I am teaching A way. We all have a hidden talent or skill buried below the surface. Are you using yours? A parent came to me the other day and told me how glad they were that I was here. I don’t say this to pat myself on the back and I cant help but wonder where that young man or young lady will be years from now. I may never know and that’s ok. The future isn’t mine. Its theirs. I like having an impact. I’m honored to be a part of a students life just for a moment of their journey. Hopefully and prayerfully they get something out of it. I know I do. I feel like God put me here to share my passion for something that has helped me greatly. I enjoy sharing my Shaolin Kempo.


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